A mural that consists of a portrait of Kali Fajardo-Anstine in a painted stylized illustration with yellow, orange and purple abstract sun rays behind her by Adam Raiola and Kaitlin Orin.

Sabrina & Corina Mural

This mural was a collaboration with the very talented artist/illustrator Kaitlin Orin and myself for Street Wise Boulder. Street Wise Boulder is an annual "ARTivism" mural festival aiming to amplify cultural diversity and encourage dialogue around social advocacy and resilience through public art.

The design centers around Kali Fajardo-Anstine and her novel, Sabrina & Corina — a series of short stories about indigenous Latina women of Denver and southern Colorado. Kaitlin grew up in the San Luis Valley along with their sisters, mother and grandmother. After reading Kali's book, Kaitlin experienced representation for the first time in their life! Carrying that new found sense of visibility, Kaitlin was inspired to amplify Latina voices even more by painting a mural of their new hero, Kali.

I am honored to have worked with Kaitlin on such a personal piece.

Special thanks goes to Milton — the owner of Nopalito's restaurant — for picking our mural concept, providing the huge wall and delicious food throughout the fest.

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