A digital print on canvas that consists of an explosion of triangles in various colors swirling from the center in a mathematical golden ratio.


Golden Ratio

Based on the mathematical golden ratio.


Private commission


Digital print on canvas





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A simple-shaped heart with a white stroke
A mural that consists of a portrait of Kali Fajardo-Anstine in a painted stylized illustration with yellow, orange and purple abstract sun rays behind her by Adam Raiola and Kaitlin Orin.
A large abstract mural painted on the inside of a brewery. The design has dark green and turquoise swirls
A shipping container (converted into an outdoor patio space) in the street with a colorful, abstract mural painted on it.
The side of a garage painted with a mural. In the center is a black circle with white lettering in all caps that reads, "EQUALLITY". The "ALL" part in underlined in red. Behind the black circle is a rainbow of wavy color strips.
A mural painted on a garage door with abstract colored blobs by Adam Raiola
Black painted brick wall with color gradients flowing across it horizontally.
A mural on the corner of a building. The background of the mural has a horizontal gradation of the pride flag colors with big black letters that reads, "FREEDOM & EQUALITY". With a black heart and white letters on top that reads, "Dedicated to all who have died at the hands of injustice and for those continuing the fight for freedom and equality."
A mural on a brick building that depicts an abstract sunset over purple mountains.
An art installation with 4 colorful structures with acrylic wing blades on top of a pole
A mural painted on an old brick garage. The design has gradated circles changing from yellow to pink to blue with wavy rays with black polka dot pattern.
A large canvas painted with a gradation of yellow to orange to read, hanging on a white wall in a modern office.
On a warm summer day, a man is using a custom-designed rake to make calming line in sand inside a custom-build zen garden on the 16th street mall in Denver, Colorado.